Creating Signature Forms

  1. Click on the Form option to add signatures to your form and to create a form using BoloForms.

  1. You can add questions by clicking on the Plus sign on the side menu.

  1. You can choose different types of question options from the drop-down menu including Signatures.

  1. Select the Signature option to add the Signature row.

  1. Click on the selected sign to add another page to your form.

  1. You can also alter the theme settings by clicking on the pallet sign in the top right corner. The Theme settings consist of different options such as templates, font, accent colors, and background colors.

  1. Click on the Customize PDF button in the top right corner to add a PDF to your Form.

  1. Add the PDF then click on Continue.

  1. Add the field that needs to be added under the "Pick questions from your form" and then click on save.

  1. Click on send to share the Form.

  1. You can either send the form through mail or alternatively share the link or embed the form as an HTML code.

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